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Waldorf cloth dollWaldorf cloth doll
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My Waldorf dolls and rag dolls, are self-designed creations, registered as qualified works of applied folk art. The qualification procedure was made by the Hungarian Heritage House.  I create traditional Waldorf dolls stuffed with wool, plush Waldorf elves, classic rag dolls, angel dolls, and a lot more…

I have held
– Waldorf doll-making courses,
– Waldorf elf-making courses,
– bear-making workshops and craftsmanship for years.
Custom orders are welcome! The customer is free to choose the materials and the colors. They can order their own unique hand-made doll, or they can even surprise their child or grandchild with a personalized Waldorf elf with the child’s name embroidered in it.
Beside dolls, I create many other things:
– custom Christmas tree decorations,
– handicraft pillows,
– childrens bags, kindergarten bags,
– thermo doll blankets.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. aledi.aa@gmail.com
You can find DIY doll-making descriptions, free doll patterns, and doll making guides here on the website.